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Sucking and licking your breasts will be the first thing he does once they are bare and out in the open.

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This one is not really that kinky, but it cannot be overlooked!

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A guy may start by kissing all over your breasts and gradually get more forceful with his mouth.

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Cowgirl is the best position for guys to get an enhanced view of your breasts.

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Guys like to take hold of their member and rub it all over your breasts.

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Breast Licking Videos

The next time you give your guy oral sex, surprise him by first grabbing his member and teasing him a little before proceeding to your next job. Get a pic of them on his phone. Guys like to get behind their girl and wrap their arms around her, like a backwards hug, to grab her breasts. Be slow and sensual — do not give away all you got right away. Afterwards, he should use all at once for a finale.

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