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Story by me and art by the incredibly skilled riibrego!

steven universe funny comics

Issues 5- 8 are collected in this Steven Universe Punching Up, 5- 7 are stories I wrote while 8 was written by the incredible Melanie Gillman!

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She does become more cautious of what she says and does.

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Honestly I forgot I had tumblr even though I still get notifications.

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Steven Universe comic #36

Connie fanning the fire of rebellion in him, totally harmless. Wonder if they kept a copy. A small heads up that Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems 1 came out today and that it is adorable, if you feel like a cute bit of totally official Steven Universe camping trip fluff while we wait out this drought. Gem Classroom: Fusion Traits. So as the volumes have started coming out, I thought I would take some time to talk about each of the stories featured in each collection!

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