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After thinking 30 seconds or so, I called and set up a time for this coming Saturday morning.

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Seeing her expose her panties underneath her pantyhose was driving me absolutely crazy.

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But how so when my parents were around whenever she came over?

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I then began to purposely allow aunt Maurine to catch me looking at her legs with an unabashed smile on my face.

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I recall the skirt she most often wore was denim with a slit up the side which showed her suntan pantyhose thighs and a glimpse of her control top.

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By this time, I was dreaming of having sex with her only wearing pantyhose. The sudden change in the scenario was like a traffic light had suddenly gone from red to green unexpectedly. Even at the funeral, I was preoccupied looking at her sexy black pantyhose even though she was wearing a much longer dress that day. Nobody in the family seemed to pay any attention to us doing this. It was like she was no longer my Aunt but now a girlfriend.

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  1. The more videos I watch of her the more I admire him.