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Here he talks about some of the many gifts he wishes fans to buy him.

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I hate how her rapping skills are so underrated.

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Originally Answered: In all honesty, who is the worst Kpop idol and why?

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Doyeon rigged the results in favour of Sohye and that's unacceptable.

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Doyeon didn't want to get in the final lineup because her competition was someone who had no idea to sing and dance. Who are the K-pop idols with the best stage presence? I Mysterious City] - YouTube. What tops it off is that he copied me… he likes sprite too. HahaHaahahahahahahaHAahahahahaaahahahaha ". She is also the worst because her gummy smile is just too cute. Also facing controversy over talking about how

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  1. Why is this downrated? I laughed so hard at it, you have my support, sir xD

  2. Is it just me or does Brandi Love look like Julia Ann?!? (Oh and Cherie DeVille) I love all three of them!!!!!

  3. Do you have an high definition videos on Jayden Jaymes?